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Table 1 Examples of ncRNAs implicated in cancer (from Prasanth and Spector 2007, with added RNA species

From: Non-protein coding RNA biomarkers and differential expression in cancers: a review

Transcript Organism Size
Deregulation Type of cancer References
Deleted in
human   3p12 Overexpression Lung, breast, other [18]
NCRSM human   12q23.1 Overexpression rhabdomyosarcoma [95]
HIS-1 Mouse 3000 2 Overexpression Myeloid leukemia [40]
DD3 Human 2000–4300 9q21-22 Overexpression Prostate [96]
PCGEM1 Human 1603 2q32 Overexpression Prostate [38]
BC200 Human 200 2p16 Overexpression Breast, parotid, cervix, esophagus, lung, ovary, tongue [97]
MALAT-1 Human, mouse 8000 11q13 Overexpression NSCLC [98, 98]
H19 Human 2700 11p15.5 Loss of imprinting, overexpression Liver and breast [33]
21A Human   CENP-F Antisense Down-regulation 293T, HeLa [24]
miR-143 Human 22 5 Down-regulation Colon [100]
miR-145 Human 22 5 Down-regulation Colon [100]
miR-155/BIC Human 22 21q21 Overexpression Burkitt and B cell lymphomas [71]
miR-15a Human 22 13q14 Deletion and/or downregulation B-CLL [64]
miR-16a Human 22 13q14 Deletion and/or downregulated B-CLL [64]
let-7 Human 21–25 22 Downregulated Lung adenocarcinoma [68]
NAMA Human 873 9q22.33 Downregulated Papillary thyroid carcinoma [37]