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Figure 5

From: Midkine promoter-based conditionally replicative adenovirus therapy for midkine-expressing human pancreatic cancer

Figure 5

Replication of adenovirus in a Suit-2 subcutaneous xenograft model of pancreatic cancer.(A) Human adenovirus type 5 E1A expression. RNA was extracted from subcutaneous tumors after injection of adenoviruses. Expression of E1A was analyzed by RT-PCR. (B) Adenoviral hexon staining. HEK293 cells were infected with Ad5MK prepared from subcutaneous xenografts after injection of adenoviruses. After 48 hr, HEK293 cells were stained with anti-adenoviral hexon antibody. Positive cells were only found in the Ad5MK groups, whereas there were no positive cells in the untreated and Ad5GFP groups. (Original magnification ×100)

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