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Figure 3

From: In GFP with high risk HPV-18E6 fusion protein expressed 293T and MCF-7 cells, the endogenous wild-type p53 could be transiently phosphorylated at multiple sites

Figure 3

HPV-18E6 promotes multiple sites phosphorylation of p53 along with up-regulation of ATM and Chk2. The phosphorylated responses appear obviously at three sites: Ser15, Ser20, and Ser392 of p53 along with the up-regulation of ATM and Chk2 at 24 h in GFP-18E6 expressing 293T and MCF-7 cells. IgG is an irrelative antibody used as the negative control. Data are normalized to β-actin and representative of three independent western blot analyses.

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