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Table 2 Expression patterns obtained by array hybridization and confirmation of differential gene expression by Quantitative RT-PCR

From: Identification of genes down-regulated during lung cancer progression: A cDNA array study

Gene Ref seq ID Array ratio Stage 1/stage 2 Confirmed by QPCR
Cyclin D1 NM_053056 2.04 down Yes
VEGF NM_003376 2.02 up Yes
WNT-5A NM_003392 2.03 down Yes
MMP11 NM_005940 3.68 up Yes
Rb2/p130 NM_005611 3.24 down Yes
Semaphorin NM_004263 3.43 down Yes
Decorin NM_001920 2.16 up Yes
XRCC1 NM_006297 3.40 down Yes