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Table 2 Patients' Diagnoses and Treatments

From: A phase I/II trial of beta-(1,3)/(1,6) D-glucan in the treatment of patients with advanced malignancies receiving chemotherapy

Patient # Diagnosis Treatment
1 non-small cell lung cancer carboplatin/taxol
2 pancreatic carcinoma VP-16/gemzar
3 breast carcinoma carboplatin/taxotere
4 breast carcinoma adriamycin/taxotere
5 non-small cell lung cancer carboplatin/taxol
6 non-small cell lung cancer carboplatin/taxol
7 small cell lung cancer VP-16/cisplatin
8 colon cancer 5 FU/leukovorin/oxaliplatin
9 breast cancer adriamycin/taxotere
10 breast cancer carboplatin/taxol
11 follicular lymphoma cytoxan/vincristine/prednisone
12 renal cell carcinoma cytoxan/nexavar
13 chondrosarcoma cytoxan/adriamycin/ifosphamide
14 colon cancer 5 FU/leukovorin/oxaliplatin
15 breast cancer adriamycin/taxotere
16 follicular lymphoma cytoxan/vincristine/prednisone
17 chronic lymphocytic leukemia alkeran/prednisone
18 chronic lymphocytic leukemia alkeran/prednisone
19 pancreatic carcinoma doxorubicin/gemzar
20 myelodysplastic syndrome hydroxyurea