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Table 3 Functional Analysis*

From: Gene expression subtraction of non-cancerous lung from smokers and non-smokers with adenocarcinoma, as a predictor for smokers developing lung cancer

High Level Function Significance # Associated Genes
Cell Death 1.10E-6 – 2.92E-2 22
Cell Cycle 8.85E-6 – 2.44E-2 17
Hematological Disease 2.29E-5 – 2.92E-2 15
Immunological Disease 2.57E-5 – 2.92E-2 9
Inflammatory Disease 3.55E-5 – 1.96E-2 9
Cancer 7.05E-5 – 2.92E-2 20
Cellular development 7.05E-5 – 2.92E-2 15
DNA replication, and repair 7.10E-5 – 2.92E-2 8
  1. *Identified the biological functions and/or diseases that were most significant to the data set.