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Figure 4

From: Significance of the entire C-terminus in biological activities mediated by the RON receptor tyrosine kinase and its oncogenic variant RON160

Figure 4

Effect of the C-terminal truncation on RON or RON160-mediated cytoplasmic accumulation of β-catenin: (A) Cellular proteins (50 μg/lane) from individual cell lines were subjected to Western blot analysis using rabbit IgG antibodies to β-catenin. (B) Cells were stimulated with Zt/g4 (2 nM) for 30 min. Cellular proteins were subjected to Western blot analysis using mouse IgG mAb against phosphor-Ser-9 of GSK-3β or regular GSK-3β. Expression of β-catenin was also determined. β-actin was probed as the loading controls. Data shown here are from one of three experiments with similar results.

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