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Table 4 Location of lymph node micrometastasis

From: Detection of sentinel and non-sentinel lymph node micrometastases by complete serial sectioning and immunohistochemical analysis for gastric cancer

case Location of tumor Stained lymphatic basins Number of SLNs Number of micrometastsis Station of micrometastasis of SLNs Station of micrometastasis of non-SLNs
1 M, Less Left GA 8 1 No.3 LN -
2 M, Post. Left GA Right GEA 5 1 No.3 LN -
3 M, Ant. Left GA 2 1 No.3 LN -
4 M, Less Left GA Right GEA 10 3 No.3 LN No.3 LN
  1. SLNs, sentinel lymph nodes; M, Middle third of the stomach; Less, lesser curvature; Post.; posterior wall; Ant. anterior wall; GA, gastric artery; GEA, gastroepiploic artery; No.3 LN, LN along the lesser curvature