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Table 3 Association of the expression of EYA4 and hTERT mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells with esophageal diseases

From: Relationship between the expression of hTERT and EYA4 mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells with the progressive stages of carcinogenesis of the esophagus

(n = 50)
(n = 50)
(n = 50)
EYA4 mRNA    
   OR(95%CI) 1.32(0.47-3.66) 1.85(0.69-4.94) 5.69(2.23-14.53)
   OR(95%CI)+ 1.90(0.62-5.81) 1.72(0.54-5.45) 5.07(1.56-16.52)
hTERT mRNA    
   OR(95%CI) 0.90(0.33-2.45) 1.18(0.42-3.36) 2.03(0.63-6.55)
   OR(95%CI)+ 1.10(0.37-3.26) 1.12(0.34-3.72) 2.87(0.63-13.07)
  1. +: OR(95%CI) was adjusted for age, smoking, drinking, income and family history of esophageal carcinoma. BCH, Basal cell hyperplasia; ESCD, esophageal squamous cells dyspalsia; ESCC, esophageal squamous cells cancer.