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Table 3 OligoArray and RT-PCR comparison of fold changes in apoptosis related genes

From: Enhancing cytotoxic and apoptotic effect in OVCAR-3 and MDAH-2774 cells with all-trans retinoic acid and zoledronic acid: a paradigm of synergistic molecular targeting treatment for ovarian cancer

OVCAR-3 Cells
(80 nM ATRA+5 μM Zoledronic Acid)
  OligoArray Analysis RT-PCR Analysis
TNFRSF1A +6.8 +8.3
TRADD +4.8 +3.5
MCL-1 -3.3 -4.9
LTBR -4.9 -3.6
  1. Comparing fold changes in apoptosis related genes in OVCAR-3 cells by OligoArray and RT-PCR analyses after each drug exposure. Both results showed high correlation with each other (p < 0.05).