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Table 3 Gene ontology of the 20-gene signature

From: An algorithm to discover gene signatures with predictive potential

ID# Systemic_name Symbol Biological Process
10855 D43950 KIAA0098 Protein folding/Response to virus
19769 U96131 TRIP13 Double stranded break DNA repair/Meosis I/Spermatogonial Development/Oocyte maturation/Pachytene (cell cycle)/Meotic recombination/Transcription from RNA Pol II promoter
14841 NM_014865 KIAA0159 N/A
15318 Contig55725_RC   N/A
12548 AF047002 ALY Interspecies interaction between organisms/Intronless viral mRNA export from nucleus/mRNA export from nucleus/mRNA processing/Transport
3342 NM_004111 FEN1 DNA repair/DNA replication/Double stranded break DNA repair/UV protection/Phosphoinositide mediated signaling
3493 NM_004153 ORC1L DNA replication/DNA dependent DNA replication
8204 NM_004631 LRP8 Cytokine mediated signaling pathway/Endocytosis/Hippocampus development/Layer formation in the cerebral cortex/Lipid metabolic process/Positive regulation of kinase activity/Proteolysis/Signal transduction
3838 NM_002794 PSMB2 Anaphase-promoting complex-dependent proteosomal ubiquitin dependent protein catabolic process/Interspecies interaction between organisms/Negative regulation of ubiquitin ligase activity involved in mitotic cell entry/Positive regulation of ubiquitin ligase activity involved in mitotic cell entry/Proteolysis involved in cellular protein catabolic process
3938 Contig55771_RC   N/A
6615 NM_004496 HNF3A Branching morphogenesis of a tube/Chromatin remodelling/Epithelial cell differentiation/Prostate gland development/Glucose homeostasis/Hormone metabolic process/Lung development/Multicellular organismal development/Negative regulation of survival gene product/Negative regulation of transcription fro RNA pol II promoter/Neuron fate specification
8786 NM_006113 VAV3 Angiogenesis/Apoptosis/Cell Migration/Induction of apoptosis by extracellular signals/Integrin mediated signaling pathway/Lamellipodium assembly/Positive regulation of cell adhesion/Positive regulation of PI3 kinase activity/Regulation of GTPase activity/Regulation of Rho protein signal transduction/Small GTPase mediated signal transduction/Vesicle fusion
18817 AL161983   Regulation of translation/Translation initiation
17540 NM_016613 LOC51313 N/A
1723 AL133074   Apoptosis/Cell cycle arrest/Induction of apoptosis/Response to stress
23117 Contig14284_RC   N/A
57 Contig56678_RC   N/A
18904 NM_000125 ESR1 Androgen metabolic process/Antral ovarian follicle growth/Epithelial cell development/Epithelial cell proliferation involved in mammary gland duct elongation/Estrogen receptor signaling pathway/Male gonad development/Mammary gland alveolus development/Mammary gland branching involved in pregnancy/Neuroprotection/Osteoblast development
6709 Contig57480_RC   N/A
6105 NM_005113 GOLGA5 Golgi organisation/Golgi vesicle transport/Protein amino acid phosphorylation/Retrograde transport, vesicle recycling within golgi