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Figure 3

From: Targeted gene delivery in tumor xenografts by the combination of ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction and polyethylenimine to inhibit survivin gene expression and induce apoptosis

Figure 3

Fluorescent microphotographs of the tumor xenografts in nude mice after intravenous injection of naked pSIREN-C (A, B), pSIREN-C/SonoVue complex (C, D) and pSIREN-C/SonoVue/PEI complex (E, F) with or without ultrasound irradiation. Ultrasound irradiation parameters were as follow, irradiation time = 2 min, intensity = 2 W/cm2, frequency = 3 MHz, and duty cycle = 20%. UTMD = ultrasound targeted microbubble destruction; PEI = polyethylenimine; bar = 100 μm.

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