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Table 3 Inhibition of the Activity of Kit Mutants Associated With Imatinib Resistance by Motesanib and Imatinib*

From: Motesanib inhibits Kit mutations associated with gastrointestinal stromal tumors

  IC50 of Kit Autophosphorylation, nM IC50 of Stably Transfected Ba/F3 Cell Survival, nM
KIT Genotype Motesanib Imatinib Motesanib Imatinib
V560D/V654A 77 319 91 145
V560D/T670I 277 >3000 180 >3000
Y823D 64 >3000 62 330
D816V >3000 >3000 - -
  1. *In autophosphorylation experiments, means from 2 experiments are shown, with the exception of V560D/V654A and D816V, which were assessed once. Viability experiments were performed once.