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Table 1 Cyclophilin A in human cancers

From: Current implications of cyclophilins in human cancers

Cancer type Functions and implications of CypA in cancers Contributers
Lung cancer The first identification of CypA overexpression in lung cancer Campa et al., Cancer Res. (2003)
  Potential role of CypA in early neoplastic transformation and as a biomarker Howard et al., Lung Cancer (2004)
  Regulation of cancer growth, angiogenesisa and apoptosis through CypA knockdown and overexpression Howard et al., Cancer Res. (2005)
  Role of exogenous CypA in increased H446 cell growth through ERK1/2 pathway activation Yang et al., BBRC (2007)
Pancreatic cancer Identification of CypA as a decreased factor by 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine Cecconi et al., Eletrophoresis (2003)
  Involvement of increased CypA in pancreatic carcinogenesis Shen et al., Cancer Res. (2004)
  Effect on the gene expression of several key molecules including NRPs, VEGF, and VEGFRs Li et al., Am J Surg (2005)
  Stimulation of cancer cell proliferation by increased CypA through CD 147 signaling Li et al., Cancer Res (2006)
  Association of increased CypA with tumor invasion, metastasis, and resistance to therapy Mikuriya et al., Int J Oncol (2007)
Hepatocellular carcinoma Regulation of cancer cell proliferation and increase of hepatocarcinoma formation by interaction of increased CypA with calcineurin Corton et al., Cancer Let (1998)
  Identification as a useful HCC marker in tumor tissues Lim et al., BBRC (2002)
Breast cancer Assessment of CypA down-regulation through proteomics in melphalan-resistant and -susceptible MCF-7 cell lines Hathout et al., J proteomic Res (2002)
  Role of CypA in cancer cell progression and regulation of JAK2 Zheng et al., Cancer Res (2008)
Colorectal Cancer Identification of association of CypA with tumor development and tumor progression through protein profiling Melle et al., Int J Mol Med (2005)
  Role of CypA in COX-2-independent chemopreventive effect by celecoxib Lou et al., Cancer Epidemiol (2006)
  Upregualtion of CypA among5-fluorouracil (5-FU) response proteins for CRC chemotherapy Wong et al., Oncol Rep (2008)
Squamous cell carcinoma Involvement in oncogenesis in SCC Chen et al., Proteomics (2004)
  Possible role as a malignant transformation-related protein in ESCC Qi et al., J Cell Biochem (2008)
Melanoma High level expression in primary and metastatic melanoma Al-Ghoul et al., J Proteome Res (2008)
Prostate cancer Preventing hypoxia- and cisplatin-induced apoptosis Choi et al., Cancer res (2007)
Glioblastoma multiforme Increasing expression of CypA in human glioblastoma multiforme Han et al., Oncol Rep (2010)