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Table 1 Increased proliferation:senescence ratios correlate with tumour progression

From: An imbalance in progenitor cell populations reflects tumour progression in breast cancer primary culture models

  Proliferation:Senescence ratio
Non-tumour (P n = 4; S n = 4) 1.9
Low-grade tumours (P n = 5; S n = 4) 9.5
High-grade tumours (P n = 7, S n = 8) 23.8
  1. where P = proliferation assays, S = senescence assays.
  2. The ratio of proliferation:senescence was calculated for non-tumour, low grade tumour and high grade tumour primary cultures using the slope of proliferation graphs and senescence values from Figure 2B. An increased ratio was observed in the stepwise progression from non-tumour to low grade tumour to high grade tumour categories.