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Table 1 Primers and PCR conditions for genotyping the five SNPs

From: Polymorphisms in the SULF1 gene are associated with early age of onset and survival of ovarian cancer

rs number   Primers Annealing Temperature (°C) PCR products (bp) Enzyme Digested PCR products (bp)
rs2623047 FP 5'-TGT GGC AAA CAG TGA AGA GC-3 52 245 BstNI GG:159/86
G>A RP 5'-CAG CAA GAC GTT TTC CCT TC-3'     GA:245/159/86
rs13264163 FP 5'-TGG CAA TTT TGC TCT TTT CC-3' 55 181 NspI AA:100/81
A>G RP 5'-TGA CAT AGA GTG CCC AGG TG-3     GA:181/100/81
       GG:181 G
rs6990375 FP 5'-CCG CAG AAC ACC GAA GTA AT-3' 55 227 HhaI GG:128/99
G>A RP 5'-CCA GGG TAG CTT GGA ATG TT-3     GA:227/128/99
rs3802278 FP 5'-CTG GAA ACC GAT TTC AGT GG-3' 55 227 Cac8I GG:151/76
G>A RP 5'-CCC GCT ATG CTG GAA TTA CT-3     GA:227/151/76
rs3087714 FP 5'- TTC CTG AAG CCA GAA TTG TTC-3' 55 150 CviQI CC:150
C>T RP 5'- TAT CAT CGG TGG GAT GAC AG-3'     CT:150/101/49