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Figure 1

From: Downregulation of CDKN2A and suppression of cyclin D1 gene expressions in malignant gliomas

Figure 1

The expression level of CDKN2A was associated with grade of gliomas. Immunohistochemistry of CDKN2A in low-grade glioma(A), and high-grade glioma(B). Magnification, × 200. Immunohistochemistry statistical analysis results were shown. low-grade gliomas v.s high-grade gliomas, p < 0.01 (B). Expression of CDKN2A was detected by western blot in low-grade glioma tissues and hig-grade glioma tissues. 1-8: tissues from difference patients. (C). Expression of CDKN2A protein in glioma cell lines (D). Note that H4 and HS-683 are low-grade glioma cell lines and the others were high-grade glioma cell lines. Actin as loading control.

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