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Table 1 Clinical character of ESCC patients

From: Overexpression of DNA damage-induced 45 α gene contributes to esophageal squamous cell cancer by promoter hypomethylation

Patient/age/sex T/N/M/G Condition of one year after operation
1/64/M T3/N1b/M0/G1-G2 alive
2/68/M T3/N0/M0/G1 alive
3/58/M T3/N0/M0/G1 alive
4/61/M T0/N0/M0/G1 alive
5/63/M T1b/N0/M0/G2 alive
6/76/F T2/N0/M0/G3 alive
7/62/M T3/N1a/M0/G1 alive
8/55/M T3/N1a/M0/G2 alive
9/63/M T2/N1a/M0/G2 alive
10/47/M T2/N1a/M0/G1 alive
11/42/M T2/N0/M0/G2 alive
12/55/M T3/N0/M0/G1 alive
13/56/M T1b/N0/M0/G1-G2 alive
14/56/M T3/N1a/M0/G1 dead
15/73/M T4/N0/M1/G2-G3 alive
16/61/M T3/N0/M0/G2 alive
17/67/M T2/N0/M0/G2 alive
18/59/M T2/N1a/M0/G2 alive
19/55/M T3/N1b/M0/G2 alive
20/58/M T3/N1a/M0/G2 alive
21/57/M T2/N1a/M0/G2 alive
22/65/M T2/N1a/M0/G2-G3 metastasis in lymph node of nest
23/54/M T3/N1a/M0/G2 alive
24/56/M T3/N0/M0/G2 alive
25/74/M T2/N1a/M0/G2 metastasis in lymph node of nest
26/51/M T2/N1b/M0/G1 alive
27/52/M T3/N1a/M0/G1 alive
28/60/M T2/N1a/M0/G2 alive
29/47/M T2/N0/M0/G2 alive
30/55/M T3/N1b/M0/G2 alive
31/68/M T3/N0/M0/G2 alive
32/71/M T3/N1a/M0/G2 alive
33/55/M T2/N0/M0/G1 alive
34/69/M T2/N0/M0/G2 alive
35/55/M T2/N1b/M0/G2 alive
36/59/M T2/N1b/M0/G1-G2 metastasis in liver
37/60/M T2/N0/M0/G2 alive
38/54/M T2/N1a/M0/G2 alive
39/62/M T3/N1b/M0/G2 alive
40/59/M T1b/N0/M0/G1-G2 alive