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Table 6 Altered miRNAs in regions of copy number changes

From: An integrated analysis of miRNA and gene copy numbers in xenografts of Ewing's sarcoma

miRNA in copy number gain miRNA in copy number loss
  Chr. Number of samples   Chr. Number of samples
miRNA location in gain region miRNA location in loss region
miR-765 1q23.1 5 miR-137 1p21.3 2
miR-135b 1q32.1 5 miR-143* 5q32 2
miR-29c* 1q32.2 5 miR-143* 5q32 2
miR-557 1q24.2 6 miR-145* 5q32 2
miR-215 1q41 6 miR-145 5q32 2
miR-744 17p12 1 miR-31 9p21.3 10
miR-195* 17p13.1 1 miR-31* 9p21.3 10
miR-451 17q11.2 1 miR-22 17p13.3 3
miR-144 17q11.2 1 miR-22* 17p13.3 3
miR-454 17q22 1 miR-503 xq26.3 2
  1. Chr. = Chromosome