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Table 1 Peptide sequences of reporter peptide, anchor peptide and internal standard

From: Functional protease profiling with reporter peptides in serum specimens of colorectal cancer patients: demonstration of its routine diagnostic applicability

Name Peptide sequence [M + H]2+observed [M + H]1+theoretical (monoisotopic)
CP-RP Ahx-WKPYDAAD-Ahx-ateeqlkv   2.090,06
CP-AP Ahx-ateeqlkv 515,795 1.030,59
IS Ahx-ateevlkl 508,300 1.015,61
  1. CP-RP: Cancer Procoagulant-Reporter Peptide. CP-AP: Cancer Procoagulant-Anchor Peptide. IS: Internal Standard. Ahx: amino hexanoic acid. Lower case letters indicate D-amino acids.