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Table 2 Differentially expressed canonical pathways (IPA) and upregulated KEGG pathways (GENECODIS) in ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ PDAC

From: Molecular markers associated with outcome and metastasis in human pancreatic cancer

  Goodversus control Badversus control
Canonical pathways a P-value Upregulated genesc P-value Upregulated genesc
Integrin signalling 5.62E-7 RAC1, RAC2, ITGB4, ITGB5, ITGA6, ACTN1, MAP2K2, GSK3B, PPP1R12A, ARF1, ACTG2 4.79E-6 RAC1, ITGA2, ITGA3, ITGA6, ITGB1, ITGB4, ITGB5, ITGB6, ACTN1, ARF1
Ephrin receptor signalling 0.00002 RAC1, RAC2, EPHA2, EPHB2, EFNA4, EFNB2, MAP4K4, MAP2K2, STAT3, RHOA, ADAM10, VEGFA 0.00001 RAC1, EFNA5, EFNB2, EPHA2, EPHB4, STAT3, ADAM10, FGF1, VEGFA, PDGFC
Molecular mechanism of cancer 0.00063 RAC1, RAC2, CCND1, MAP2K2, TGFβ1, GSK3B, BRCA1, CDH1, BMP2, SMAD6, BAX, CTNNB1   
P53 signalling 0.00089 TP53, PIK3C2A, RAC1, BAX, BIRC5, SERPINB5, GSK3B, BRCA1 0.02757 PRKDC, RAC1, BAX, CCND1, BIRC5, SERPINB5, CTNNB1, CDK2
Wnt/β-catenin 0.00550 RAC2, CSNK1A1, CSNK1E, SOX9, TGFβ1, SOX4, LRP5, CTNNB1, WNT10A 0.00323 CSNK1A1, TGFβ1, DKK1, DKK3, WNT5A, WNT10A, SOX4, SOX11, TCF7L2, TCF3
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma    0.00776 JAK1, RAC1, STAT3, CCND1, BIRC5, VEGF, TGFβ1, ERBB2, CDK2
PI3K/AKT Signaling 0.00933 RAC1, RAC2, JAK1, MAP2K2, PPP2R5   
KEGG pathways b     
P53 Signaling 2.20E-12 TP53, CDKN6, CCND1, CDK1, CDK2, SFN 3,03E-8 CDK1, CDK2, BAX, SERPINB5, CCND1, SFN
Wnt signalling 2,67E-07 WNT10A, CTNNB1, CTBP1, LRP5, TCF7L2, FZD8, GSK3B, PPP3R1, RAC1 0.00011 WNT5A, WNT10A, DKK1, DVL1, CTNNB1, CSNK1A1, CSNK1E, LRP5, RAC1, TCF7L2
Pancreatic cancer 3.00E-6 TGFβ1, RAC1, JAK1, VEGFA, ERBB2, STAT3,TP53, RAC2 0.00001 RAC1, TGFβ1, TGFα, VEGFA, ERBB2, STAT3, RAD51
NOTCH signalling 2.40E-6 JAG1, HES1, CTBP1, CTBP2, ADAM10 0.00012 DVL1, HES1, CTBP1, ADAM10
MAPK signalling 0.00015 FGFR2, TGFβ1, MAP2K5, MAP2K2, MAP2K3, MAP2K7, RAC1, DUSP10, DUSP3   
Hedgehog signalling 0.00836 CSNK1E, BMP2, GSK3B, CSNK1A1   
  1. aIPA was performed on respectively 2.806 (good) and 1.692 (bad) differentially expressed probe sets (with entry in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base; The most significant networks, functions and canonical pathways are listed.
  2. b KEGG analysis was performed on respectively 2.033 and 1.285 probesets upregulated in the good and bad PDAC samples using GENECODIS.
  3. c A selection of upregulated genes contributing to the pathways, is given.