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Table 4 Upregulated KEGG pathways (GENECODIS) in primary PDAC and metastatic PDAC samples

From: Molecular markers associated with outcome and metastasis in human pancreatic cancer

  PDACversus Metastases Metastasesversus PDAC
KEGG Pathwaya P-value Upregulated genesb P-value Upregulated genesb
Wnt signalling 0.00969 FZD1, FZD10, WNT5A, CCND2   
TGFβ pathway 0.00574 LTBP1, THBS4, MBPR1B 0.00100 SP1, PPP2R1B, ACVR1C
  1. a KEGG analysis was performed on respectively 278 and 80 genes upregulated in the PDAC and metastases samples using GENECODIS.
  2. b A selection of upregulated genes contributing to the pathways, is given.