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Table 2 Course areas and topics

From: Improving neuro-oncological patients care: basic and practical concepts for nurse specialist in neuro-rehabilitation

Area Clinical aspects of nursing 16
Topics The International Classification of Functioning: basic concepts 1
  Functional anatomy of central and peripheral nervous system 1
  Cerebrovascular diseases 2
  Movement disorders 2
  Dementia 2
  Spinal cord injuries. Multiple sclerosis. 2
  Traumatic brain injuries, coma and vegetative state 2
  Functional disorders (neurological bladder, dysphagia). Sleep. Behavioural disorders. Pain. 2
  Neurooncology 2
Area Nursing techniques 16
Topics Emergency management and Basic Life Support 2
  Nursing of patients in neurorehabilitation 2
  Posture and mobilisation of neurological patients 2
  Prevention and treatment of pressure sores 2
  Management and complications of nasogastric tube and artificial nutritional systems 2
  Management and complications of the central venous catheter 2
  Management and complications of the orotracheal cannula 2
  Nursing management of bladder functions 2
Area Nursing methodology 10
Topics Identification of the professional profile of nurses 2
  Operational and information tools of nursing (guidelines, protocols, procedures, protocol preparation methods, clinical and functional assessment scales, nursing folder) 2
  Individual rehabilitation project and programme 2
  Establishment of levels of care and necessary aids/assistance.
Regulatory framework
  Clinical monitoring equipment and rehabilitation technologies relevant to nursing 2
Area Relational and organisational models 8
Topics Rehabilitation team: roles and professionals involved 2
  Rehabilitation team: mode of activation, development and management 2
  Organisational models of the nursing team and working methods 2
  Models and methods of communication 2
Area Legal aspects of nursing 8
Topics Health and safety at work (Law 81/08) 4
  Rights and duties of workers 4