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Table 1 Expression of ADAM-17 in renal carcinoma tissues

From: Inhibition of ADAM-17 more effectively down-regulates the Notch pathway than that of γ-secretase in renal carcinoma

Pathological factors n ADAM-17 positive ADAM-17 negative χ 2 P
TNM stage     16.39 <0.01
I 14 3 11   
II 22 14 8   
III 25 21 4   
IV 6 5 1   
Rate   64.18% 35.82%   
  1. 64.18% of positive expression of ADAM-17 was recorded in all 67 cases of renal carcinoma tissues, there are 26 positive cases in stage-III and stage-IV renal carcinoma and 5 negative cases, which indicates that ADAM-17 expression is more in high stages of RCC; despite the low expression rate in stage-I renal carcinoma, the ADAM-17 expression is increased as the tumor stage increasing(χ2=16.39, P<0.01).