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Table 2 The decrease protein level of Notch1 and Hes-1 after treatments in renal cell lines

From: Inhibition of ADAM-17 more effectively down-regulates the Notch pathway than that of γ-secretase in renal carcinoma

  Notch1 with Marimastat Notch1 with DAPT P value Hes-1 with Marimastat Hes-1 with DAPT P value
786-O cell 0.397±0.126 0.364±0.068 P<0.05 0.411±0.096 0.391±0.099 P<0.05
OS-RC-2 cell 0.405±0.086 0.221±0.107 P<0.05 0.414±0.909 0.348±0.108 P<0.05
  1. The expression of Notch 1 and HES-1 proteins was more readily decreased in the Marimastat treated renal carcinomas than in those treated by DAPT (786-O Notch1 P<0.05 Hes-1 P<0.05; OS-RC-2 Notch1 P<0.05 Hes-1 P<0.05).