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Table 6 PDAC meta-signature from the Robust Rank Aggregation method

From: Candidate microRNA biomarkers of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: meta-analysis, experimental validation and clinical significance

miRNA name Corrected p-value Permutation p-value No. of studies
hsa-miR-155 6.17E-11 8.64E-13 8
hsa-miR-100 3.32E-09 7.01E-11 7
hsa-miR-21 2.75E-09 3.29E-11 7
hsa-miR-221 1.56E-08 9.34E-10 7
hsa-miR-31 1.44E-05 8.83E-07 5
hsa-miR-143 6.78E-04 4.56E-06 5
hsa-miR-23a 3.27E-03 5.09E-05 5
hsa-miR-217 7.56E-07 4.37E-09 5
hsa-miR-148a 2.00E-05 3.55E-07 5
hsa-miR-375 1.08E-03 8.70E-06 5