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Table 5 Delay of doses or dose reductions in carboplatin or doxorubicin associated with the combination of taurolidine

From: Pharmacokinetic study and evaluation of the safety of taurolidine for dogs with osteosarcoma

Dose delay Case # Caused by taurolidine combined with Number of times for delay or reduction Reason/circumstances
  10 Carboplatin 2 Neutropenia
1 Had been neutropenic previous 2 times so delayed dose without checking neutrophils at 21 days post treatment
9 Doxorubicin 1 Renal insufficiency
7 Doxorubicin 1 Lethargy and inappetance
8 Doxorubicin 1 Limb edema
12 Carboplatin 1 Neutropenia: taurolidine had been given 9 days after the carboplatin treatment
9 Carboplatin 1 Owner’s restrictions
11 Carboplatin 1
12 Carboplatin 1
Dose reduction     
  7 Doxorubicin 2 Lethargy and inappetance throughout chemotherapy period
9 Doxorubicin 4 Dose reduction was done for the all carboplatin treatments due to the renal insufficiency that the dog had developed after the combination with doxorubicin
10 Carboplatin 1 Neutropenia