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Table 1 Cell lines tested with CF

From: CELLFOOD™ induces apoptosis in human mesothelioma and colorectal cancer cells by modulating p53, c-myc and pAkt signaling pathways

Name Source
H1650 Lung cancer
H1975 Lung cancer
HCT-116 Colon cancer
HFF Fibroblasts§
Ist-Mes1 Mesothelioma
Ist-Mes2 Mesothelioma
M14 Melanoma
Met-5A Mesothelium§
MPP89 Mesothelioma
MSTO-211H Mesothelioma
NCI-H2452 Mesothelioma
SKBR3 Breast cancer
  1. Normal§ and cancer cell lines.