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Table 2 The relationship between IMP3 and p53 signatures^ in tubal epithelia

From: IMP3 as a cytoplasmic biomarker for early serous tubal carcinogenesis

Case group (No.) # IMP3 signatures (%) # p53 signatures (%) # Conc (%) # Discord (%) # Indep (%)
Benign (60) 0 0    
w/STIC (48) 15 (31) 20 (53) 5(33) 4(27) 6(40)
w/oSTIC(62) 10 (16) 18 (47) 4(40) 4(40) 2(20)
  1. ^IMP3 or p53 signature is defined by either moderate or strong immunostainings in benign appearing tubal epithelia. Compared to the benign and cancer cases without STIC, the number of IMP3 signature was significantly higher in the tubal epithelia of the cases with STIC with p values of < 0.0001 and < 0.05, respectively.
  2. #Conc: the number of concordance; #Discord: the number of discordance; #Indep: the number of independent signatures of IMP3 and p53. STIC: serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma. w/: with; w/o: without. The concordance, discordance, and independent rate were calculated from the IMP3 signature data after comparing the cases with p53 signature. The reverse relationship was not evaluated in this study.