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Table 2 The co-enrichment of KPNA2 and PLAG1 in both tumoral (T) and non-tumoral (NT) tissues

From: Pleomorphic adenoma gene 1 mediates the role of karyopherin alpha 2 and has prognostic significance in hepatocellular carcinoma

Staining PLAG1 KPNA2 Correlation (PLAG1/KPNA2)
T NT P-value T NT P-value T NT
Positive 143 77 <0.001 152 11 <0.001 R=0.362 R=0.254
Negative 171 237 162 303 P-value <0.001 P-value <0.001
  1. Represent the comparison of PLAG1 or KPNA2 nuclear staining between T and NT tissues.
  2. Represent the correlation of PLAG1 and KPNA2 nuclear staining in T or NT tissues.