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Table 4 Prognostic value of combined tumor/plasma KRAS status analyzed by PNA-PCR in a series of 242 metastatic colorectal cancer patients with matched samples

From: KRAS mutations in tumor tissue and plasma by different assays predict survival of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

KRASstatus*   Median OS   
Tumor/Plasma No. (mo) 95% Cl Pvalue
Negative/Negative 113 21.0 19.226-22.774 0.008
Discordant 65 16.9 14.184-19.616  
Positive/Positive 64 15.4 14.270-16.530  
  1. *KRAS status was categorized as: negative, mutation-negative tumor and matched plasma samples; discordant, discordant KRAS status in tumor and matched plasma samples; positive, mutation-positive tumor tissue and matched plasma samples.
  2. CI, confidence interval; mo, month; OS, overall survival; PNA-PCR, peptide-nucleic-acid-mediated polymerase chain reaction clamping.