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Table 1 ALK rearrangement study reports in squamous cell lung cancer patients

From: Detection of ALK protein expression in lung squamous cell carcinomas by immunohistochemistry

No. Authors (reference No.) Ethnic group Patient number Methods used in detection of ALK ALK detection
     RT-PCR IHC FISH Positive Negative
1 Wu et al. [32] Asian 75 Yes Yes ND 1(1.33%) 74(98.67%)
2 Alrifai et al. [29] Caucasian 1 ND ND Yes 1 0
3 Ochi et al. [30] Asian 1 ND Yes ND 1 0
4 Calio et al. [35] Caucasian 40 ND ND Yes 1(2.5%) 39(97.5%)
  1. RT-PCR: reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction; FISH: fluorescence in situ hybridization; IHC: immunohistochemical stain; ND: not done.