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Table 1 Bio-function analysis of the TFCP2-regulated genes in HepG2 knock down of TFCP2

From: Characterization of genome-wide TFCP2 targets in hepatocellular carcinoma: implication of targets FN1 and TJP1 in metastasis

Category Functions P -Value Activation State z-score #Molecules §
Cancer Growth 2.81E-07   −0.508 28
Cellular assembly and organization Adhesion 5.47E-07    11
Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction Binding 1.15E-06 Decreased −2.412 6
Cardiovascular System Development and Function Angiogenesis 1.22E-05 Decreased −2.297 32
Cellular Movement Cell movement of carcinoma cell lines 6.24E-05 Decreased −2.252 11
Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction Attachment of cells 1.93E-04 Decreased −2.412 7
Cellular Movement Chemotaxis of tumor cell lines 1.17E-03 Decreased −2.036 10
  1. Activation State & z-score, z-score was calculated by the IPA z-score algorithm, reflecting the predicted direction of change for the function, an absolute z-score of ≥ 2 is considered significant. Activation State is: Increased if the z-score is ≥ 2, Decreased if the z-score ≤ −2, Blank (empty) - IPA does not make a prediction for the process or disease. §The number of molecules (genes) that are associated with each function.