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Table 3 Patients, tumor type, and overall survival (OS)

From: Primitive sarcoma of the breast: new insight on the proper surgical management

No. Tumor type Surgical diagnosis OS Free of disease
1 Stromal sarcoma Mastectomy 6 years deceased
2 Angiosarcoma Mastectomy 4 years yes
3 Phylloides tumor Mastectomy 5 years yes
4 Pleomorphic sarcoma Mastectomy 1 years deceased
5 Liposarcoma Mastectomy 4 years yes
6 Phylloides tumor borderline Quadrantectomy 5 years yes
7 Phylloides tumor low grade Quadrantectomy 5 years yes
8 Chondrosarcoma Quadrantectomy 5 years yes
9 Epithelial/mesenchymal tumor Quadrantectomy 3 years yes
10 Sarcoma in phylloides tumor Quadrantectomy 5 years metastases