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Table 3 NDDIs between antineoplastic drugs and other medications

From: A pilot study on the impact of known drug-drug interactions in cancer patients

Interaction N. of cases Description Severity
Warfarin x Capecitabine/Paclitaxel 1 (head-neck) Decreased dosage of warfarin required owing to an increased risk of haemorrhage Moderate
Quinolones x Cyclophosphamide 2 (breast) Mucositis induced by anticancer agents might alter the absorption of kinolon Minor
Ondansetron x Cisplatina 1 (colorectal) Increased dosage of cisplatin required Moderate
Warfarin x Tamoxifene 4 (breast) Increased risk of haemorrhage probably due to decreased metabolism of warfarin Major
Phenytoin x Cisplatin 2 (colorectal) Increased dosage of phenytoin required Major
Hydrochlorothiazide x 5-FU/cyclophosphamide 1 (bladder) hydrochlorothiazide may prolong chemotherapy induced neutropenia Moderate
Furosemide x Cisplatin 1 (colorectal) Ototoxicity augmentation, unknown mechanism Minor
  1. aIn therapeutic schedule high/mild belching