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Fig. 4

From: Activation of SAPK/JNK mediated the inhibition and reciprocal interaction of DNA methyltransferase 1 and EZH2 by ursolic acid in human lung cancer cells

Fig. 4

UA suppressed the expression of SP1. Overexpression of SP1 reversed the effect of UA on DNMT1 and EZH2 protein expression. a, H1299 and A549 cells were exposed to increased concentration of UA for 24 h, followed by measuring the protein expression of SP1 by Western blot. The bar graphs represent the mean ± SD of SP1/GAPDH of three independent experiments. b, H1299 and A549 cells were treated with SP600125 (20 μM) for 2 h before exposure of the cells to UA (30 μM) for an additional 24 h. Afterwards, the expression of phosphorylation of SAPK/JNK and SP1 protein were detected by Western blot. c-e, H1299 and A549 cells were transfected with control (pcDNA3.1) and SP1 overexpression vector (pcDNA3.1SP1/flu) for 24 h before exposing the cells to UA for an additional 24 h. Afterwards, SP1, EZH2 (c) and DNMT1 protein expression (d), and phosphorylation of JNK (e) were determined using Western blot. Values in bar graphs were given as the mean ± SD from three independent experiments performed in triplicate. *Indicates significant difference as compared to the untreated control group (P < 0.05). **Indicates significant difference from UA treated alone (P < 0.01)

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