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Table 1 Patient characteristics and EpCAM Protein Expression by Flow Cytometry and by qReal-Time PCR in carcinosarcoma cell lines

From: Solitomab, an EpCAM/CD3 bispecific antibody construct (BiTE®), is highly active against primary uterine and ovarian carcinosarcoma cell lines in vitro

Cell Line Histology   Age Race FIGO Stage Primary site Percentage EpCAM-Positive Cells MFI Avg dCt qReal-Time PCR
  ES SC        
SARARK-1 Homologous ESS 70 AA* IC Uterus 10.6 13.2 17.87
SARARK-3 Heterologous CDRS 75 C IIIC Ovary 100 726 3.84
SARARK-6 Homologous CDR 78 C IV/IIB Ovary 100 301.2 3.57
SARARK-7 Heterologous CDRS 55 AA IV Ovary 100 939.9 7.16
SARARK-9 Homologous ESS 66 C IIIC2 Uterus 100 862.6 6.05
  1. *AA African-American, C Caucasian, FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, EC epithelial component, SC stromal component, END endometrioid, ESS endometrial stromal sarcoma, CC clear cell, CDR chondroid, CDRS chondrosarcoma, SER serous