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Fig. 2

From: Integrated analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation, gene expression and protein expression profiles in molecular subtypes of WHO II-IV gliomas

Fig. 2

An integrated omic platform for the characterization of glioma patients in three subtypes. a A, AA and GBM were quantified for DNA methylation, RNAseq and protein expression. Data for each primary GBM and AA, relative to A, were color-encoded as indicated and integrated into six-sided polygons in a symmetrical manner, with AA data in the top three quadrants, and data from the GBM in the mirror-image bottom sections. b The polygons were assembled as a linear genetic map in the vertical direction, which organized by chromosome and by three subtypes in the horizontal direction: IDH-wild-type (IDH-WT) Proneural, IDH-mutated (IDH-Mut) Proneural, Classical. c By this approach 1091 data points were integrated into 3273 polygons. These reflected correlated changes in one or more of the linked genes across the set of individual AA and GBM. Red, high expression; Blue, low expression; White, not significant difference; Grey, data not available

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