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Fig. 1

From: Clinical significance of pancreatic circulating tumor cells using combined negative enrichment and immunostaining-fluorescence in situ hybridization

Fig. 1

Identification of CTCs in pancreatic cancer by SE-iFISH platform. CK: green, CEP8: orange, DAPI: blue, CD45: red. a CK+/CD45-/DAPI+/CEP8 = 2 (white arrow); b CK+/CD45-/DAPI+/CEP8 > 2 (white arrow); c CK-/CD45+/DAPI+/CEP8 > 2 (white arrow); d CK-/CD45+/DAPI+/CEP8 = 2 (red arrow), CK-/CD45-/DAPI+/CEP8 = 2 (green arrow)

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