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Fig. 5

From: Hepatitis B virus whole-X and X protein play distinct roles in HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma progression

Fig. 5

Effects of HBwx on cell biologic behaviors. a HBwx promoted cell proliferation (*P < 0.05). Cell proliferation was determined in transformed SK-Hep-1 cell lines by CCK-8 assay. Data were presented as mean ± SD (% relative to control) of each time point from three independent experiments. b Cell-cycle distribution was examined by PI staining and flow cytometry assay. Results were visualized as a representative experiment or means ± SD of three experiments. HBwx expression stimulated an increase in the proportion of cells at the S phase (41.2 %) compared with HBx overexpressing cells (30.2 %) and control cells (29.4 %) (*P < 0.05). c HBwx was associated with stronger apoptotic effect even with weak apoptosis stimulation. Apoptosis rates were determined by annexin V and PI staining using FACS analysis induced by ADM and LPS at different concentrations and time points. The transformed cell lines showed differential cell apoptosis rates. With 0.5 μg/ml ADM and 1.0 μg/ml LPS, the apoptosis rate of overexpressed HBwx cells was higher than that of HBx cells at 6 h

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