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Table 1 MicroRNAs involved in Innate and Adaptive Immune System Functions

From: Targeting microRNAs as key modulators of tumor immune response

  Cell lineage Cellular process MicroRNAs
Immune cell progenitors    
  Hematopoietic stem cells Cell maintenance let-7ea, miR-29a, miR-99ba, miR-125a, miR-126, miR-212/132 cluster
  Multipotent progenitors Cell development miR-10 family, miR-126, miR-196b, miR-221/222
  Common myeloid progenitors Cell development miR-17, miR-24, miR-126, miR-128, miR-155, miR-181a
  Common lymphoid progenitors Cell development miR-126, miR-128, miR-146, miR-181a
  Granulocyte–macrophage progenitors Cell development miR-16, miR-103, miR-107
  Macrophage progenitors Cell development miR-17-5p, miR-20a, miR-106a
  Granulocyte progenitors Cell development miR-223
  Erythroid precursors Cell development miR-155, miR-221/222
  Megakaryocyte precursors Cell development miR-10a/b, miR-17, miR-20, miR-126
Innate immunity    
  Monocytes Cell differentiation miR-17-5p, miR-20a, miR-21, miR-106a, miR-155, miR-196b, miR-223, miR-338, miR-342, miR-424
   Cell activation miR-155, miR-424
  Dendritic cells Cell differentiation miR-21, miR-34a
   Cell function miR-10a, miR-148/152, miR-155, miR-223
  Macrophages Cell differentiation miR-15a, miR-16, miR-19a-3p, miR-21, miR-107, miR-146a, miR-424
   Cell function Let-7, miR-9, miR-21, miR-101, miR-125b, miR-146a, miR-147, miR-155, miR-187, miR-212/132 cluster, miR-378, miR-487b, miR-1224
   Cell polarization let-7c, let-7f, miR-9, miR-21, miR-33, miR-101, miR-124, miR-125, miR-146, miR-147, miR-155, miR-187, miR-223, miR-342, miR-378, miR-511
  Granulocytes Cell differentiation miR-15a, miR-21, miR-27, miR-196b, miR-223
   Cell function miR-223
  Neutrophils Cell function miR-223
  MDSCs Cell function miR-494, miR-17-5p/20a
  Megakaryocytes Cell differentiation miR-10a, miR-130a, miR-146a, miR-150, miR-155, miR-223
  Erythrocytes Cell differentiation miR-15a, miR-16, miR-24, miR-144, miR-150, miR-155, miR-221/222 cluster, miR-223, miR-451
  Natural killer cells Cell differentiation miR-150, miR-181a/b
   Cell function miR-15/16, miR-27a, miR-29, miR-30c-1, miR-30e, miR-155, miR-223, miR-378
Adaptive immunity    
  B cells Cell differentiation miR-17/92 cluster, miR-23a, miR-34a, miR-142, miR-150, miR-155, miR-181 family, miR-212/132 cluster
   Cell activation miR-9, miR-17/92 cluster, miR-30, miR-125b, miR-155, miR-181b, miR-223
  Plasma cells Cell differentiation miR-148a
  T cells Cell differentiation miR-17/92 cluster, miR-21, miR-142-3p, miR-150, miR-181a, miR-223
   Cell activation miR-155, miR-181a, miR-182, miR-214
  T helper cells Cell differentiation miR-125b, miR-150
   Cell function miR-182, miR-214, miR-297, miR-669c
  T helper 1 cells Cell differentiation miR-17/92 cluster, miR-29, miR-146a, miR-148a, miR-155, miR-210, miR-326
  T helper 2 cells Cell differentiation miR-21, miR-27, miR-28
   Cell function miR-155
  T cytotoxic cells Cell differentiation Let-7f, miR-15b, miR-16, miR-17/92 cluster, miR-21, miR-139, miR-142, miR-150, miR-155, miR-342
   Cell function miR-17/92 cluster, miR-21, miR-29, miR-23a, miR-24, miR-27a, miR-30b, miR-130/301, miR-139, miR-146a, miR-150, miR-155, miR-214
  T regulatory cells Cell differentiation miR-17/92 cluster, miR-10, miR-99a/miR-150, miR-155
   Cell function miR-142-3p, miR-146a, miR-155
  T helper 17 cells Cell differentiation miR-10a, miR-19b, miR-17, miR-155, miR-210, miR-212/132 cluster, miR-301, miR-326
  T follicular helper cells Cell differentiation miR-10a, miR-17/92 cluster
  1. The most relevant miRNAs are in bold. MDSCs, Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells
  2. aFurther investigations are required