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Table 1 Production of IL-1α and TGFβ by PDAC cell lines and pancreatic stellate cells

From: The TGFβ-SMAD3 pathway inhibits IL-1α induced interactions between human pancreatic stellate cells and pancreatic carcinoma cells and restricts cancer cell migration

Cell type IL-1α pg/ml 105 cells TGFβ pg/ml 105 cells
BxPC-3 20.6 7553
CAPAN2 neg. a 7167
PC013 38.0 7448
PSC neg. a 4375
  1. IL-1α and TGFβ levels were measured by ELISA in conditioned medium from pancreatic cancer cell lines (PC013, BxPC-3, CAPAN2) and PSCs after 3 days of culture. The results are presented in pg/ml/105 cells
  2. aBelow the lower detection limit