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Fig. 1

From: TLE3 represses colorectal cancer proliferation by inhibiting MAPK and AKT signaling pathways

Fig. 1

Evaluation of TLE3 expression in CRC cell lines and primary human CRC. a Analyses of TLE3 expression in normal colorectal intestines (n = 41) and colorectal tumors (n = 465) in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) microarray dataset. b Analyses of TLE3 expression in 41 pairs of tissues of normal colorectal intestines and colorectal tumors in TCGA microarray dataset. c Expression of TLE3 protein in 8 primary human CRC tissue (T) and the adjacent normal tissue (N) paired from the same patient by Western blot. d Real-time PCR was used to quantify average N/T ratios of TLE3 mRNA expression. e Representative images of TLE3 protein expression in normal colorectal epithelia, adenoma and adenocarcinoma by IHC. TLE3 was positively detected in both adenoma and their adjacent normal tissue (middle and left), whereas there was little detection in adenocarcinoma (right). f Influence of TLE3 expression on overall survival by Kaplan-Meier analysis in 105 patients with CRC. p < 0.05 The expression levels of protein or mRNA were normalized with α-Tubulin or GAPDH, respectively. Error bars represent mean ± SD calculated from 3 independent experiments

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