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Table 1 Effect of 3 different concentration of tumor- derived lysate on encapsulation rate and encapsulation efficiency

From: Enhanced stimulation of anti-breast cancer T cells responses by dendritic cells loaded with poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) nanoparticle encapsulated tumor antigens

Samples Tumor lysate protein concentration (mg) Volume of tumor lysate (μl) Tumor lysate encapsulation rate (μg/mg) PLGA amount for encapsulation (mg) Encapsulation efficiency (EE%)
Nanoparticle1 15.39 50 12.31 50 79.9
Nanoparticle2 19.65 50 16.4 50 83.46
Nanoparticle3 25.86 50 18.8 50 72.69