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Table 4 The CFSs located around HPV16 integration sites

From: HPV16 integration probably contributes to cervical oncogenesis through interrupting tumor suppressor genes and inducing chromosome instability

Junction ID Integrating location Nearest CFSs
S1-2:J-01 3q26.31 FRA3C(3q27)
S2-25:J-03 9q33.3 and 4q31.22 FRA9E(9q32) and FRA4C(4q31.1)
S2-25:J-04 17q11.2 and 1q23.3 FRA17A(17q23) and FRA1G(1q25)
C3-64:J-05 3q21.2 FRA3F(3q22)
C4-77:J-06 4q35.1 FRA4C(4q31.1)
C5-87:J-07 22q12.3 FRA22B(22q12.2)
C5-87:J-08 22q12.3 and Xq23 FRA22B(22q12.2) and FRAXD(Xq27)
S6-95:J-09 16q23.3 FRA16D(16q23)
  1. The junction ID, integrating location in the chromosome (shown as cytobands), nearest common fragile sites (CFSs) to the integration sites were shown in column 1, 2 and 3 respectively