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Fig. 6

From: Sulfasalazine attenuates evading anticancer response of CD133-positive hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Fig. 6

Pretreatment with SASP eliminates the CD133-positive HCC population combined with anticancer therapies in vivo and in vitro. a The colony-forming assay was performed in Huh7-siCont and Huh7-siCD133 cells after treatment with 1, 2, and 4 Gy of radiation and pretreatment with 100 μM SASP. After 10 days, colonies were stained with tryphan blue and counted. b Schematic of experimental procedure in vivo. When the tumor volume reached 200–250 mm3, mice were randomized to 4 groups (Control, SASP, IR (2Gy), SASP plus IR), and 250 mg/kg sulfasalazine were injected for 9 days. During the sulfasalazine injection, mice were irradiated with 2Gy dose for 4 days (left panel). The volume of the tumor was examined every 2 days in the indicated groups. Data are mean ± SD for three animals in each group (right panel). c Immunostaining of CD133 in Huh7 tumors of indicated groups in xenografted mice

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