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Fig. 1

From: LPS alters the immuno-phenotype of glioma and glioma stem-like cells and induces in vivo antitumor immunity via TLR4

Fig. 1

TLR4 expression in glioma cells. Representative images are shown. a-b: TLR4 mRNA and protein is expressed in glioblastoma clinical samples as determined by RT-PCR (a) and western blot (b). c: TLR4 protein expression and localization was examined using immunohistochemistry in glioblastoma. d: Neurospheres comprised of CD133 and nestin-positive glioma stem-like cells (GSCs) isolated from RG2 and U87 cells. The expression of CD133 and nestin was examined and compared in GSCs and the parental cells by western blot. e: GSCs became adherent and differentiated into GFAP- or β III tubulin-positive cells. f-g: The expression of TLR4 in RG2 and U87 GSCs was determined by RT-PCR (f) and western blot (g)

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