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Fig. 4

From: LPS alters the immuno-phenotype of glioma and glioma stem-like cells and induces in vivo antitumor immunity via TLR4

Fig. 4

The effect of LPS stimulation on RG2 cell proliferation and invasion. a: Representative photomicrographs of control or LPS-treated RG2 cells at different time points. bc: The effect of LPS stimulation on cell proliferation was examined by cell counting (b) and MTT assays (c). d: After persistent LPS stimulation for 48 and 72 h, the proliferation of RG2 cells was determined by cell counting. e-f: After LPS stimulation for 6 h, the apoptosis of RG2 cells was examined by TUNEL assay. e: Representative photomicrographs. F: Statistical analyses, the rate of apoptosis was calculated according to the following formula: positive cells/(positive cells + negative cells) × 100%. g-h: The effect of LPS stimulation for 6, 12, or 24 h on the invasive ability of RG2 cells was determined by Transwell assay. g: Representative photomicrographs. h: Statistical analyses. I: Self-renewal capacities of RG2 GSCs, as determined by the neurosphere formation assay. Representative images of neurospheres formed by RG2 GSCs and quantitative analyses from three independent experiments are shown. Results are presented as the mean ± SEM of triplicate samples from three independent experiments

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