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Fig. 3

From: PHF21B overexpression promotes cancer stem cell-like traits in prostate cancer cells by activating the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

Fig. 3

PHF21B regulates the stem cell-like phenotype in PCa cells in vitro. a-b Western blotting of PHF21B protein expression in the constructed C4-2B (a) and PC-3 (b) cells. α-Tubulin was used as a loading control. c Representative images of spheres formed by the indicated cells. Histograms show the mean number of spheres. d-e Real-time PCR analysis of the expression of pluripotency-associated markers, including NANOG, OCT4, SOX2, Bmi1, and c-Myc, in the indicated cells. The expression of different stem cell markers in different groups was normalized to that in the PHF21B vector control group. Error bars represent the means ± SD of 3 independent experiments. * P < 0.05. Original magnification, c, ×100

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