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Fig. 4

From: PHF21B overexpression promotes cancer stem cell-like traits in prostate cancer cells by activating the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

Fig. 4

PHF21B promotes PCa tumorigenicity in vivo. a Xenograft model in nude mice (n = 6/group). Tumors formed by PHF21B-overexpressing PC-3 cells were larger than vector-control tumors in the group receiving 1 × 106 cells. Conversely, tumors formed by PHF21B-silenced cells were smaller than tumors formed by control cells. Only PHF21B-overexpressing cells formed visible tumors following the implantation of 1 × 104 cells. Representative images of the tumors are shown. b Histograms showing the mean tumor weights of each group. c Growth curves of tumor formation after implantation. Mean tumor volumes are plotted. d Effect of PHF21B on the tumorigenic capacity of PC-3 cells. The frequency of TICs was calculated using the ELDA program. Error bars represent the means ± SD. * P < 0.05. P values were based on t-test unless otherwise indicated

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